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Velobike 11Tooth Sprocket

Velobike 11Tooth Sprocket


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A milestone in track cycling innovation —the Velobike 11 tooth sprocket is for those riders wanting an extra gear for training or racing.

11t sprockets are pushing the limits of how track bike roller chains are designed to operate. Extra chain resistance and noise may be felt when running an 11t sprocket.



  • 11 teeth
  • 1/8 chain
  • Standard 1.37 x 24TPI thread
  • 630 grade stainless steel
  • Natural stainless steel finish
  • Age-hardened for increased durability and chain efficiency
  • Designed to work well with IZUMI and HKK chain plate profiles
  • For use without a lock ring

Note: When using a chain with a quick-link, take note that the removable plate is on the outside of the bike. If the sprocket is ridden with the quick-link on the inside of the chain, the flat edges of the quick-link will intersect with the sprocket.


IZUMI Super Toughness
Back nut on the outside of the chain.


IZUMI 410 Chain Connector
Plate and clip on the outside the chain