Company Profile


Established in 1963, in operation since 1935.

Representative Director
Kenichiro Aiba

Head Office/ Factory 1
1691-5 Kanekoshinden, Sanjo, Niigata, 955-0814 Japan
TEL 0256-35-7460 / FAX 0256-35-7462

Factory 2
730 Fukushimashinden, Sanjo, Niigata Japan

1669-29 Kanekoshinden, Sanjo, Niigata Japan

Manufacturing Technologies
Hot forging, Machining, Broaching, Polishing



1935 Established Aiba Copper Iron Shop.
Started as a metal scrapper in Sanjo, the city of metal industry, transformed into a steel supplier.
1963 Established AIBA SANGYO Co., Ltd.
Took over an old forging machine and started manufacturing tools installed on cars and agricultural machinery.
Started global exports. Launched the ABC brand, receiving approval for JIS standards.
1988 Attempted to forge new material, titanium alloy. Began development of titanium alloy tools.
1992 Initiated the development of stainless-steel tools and released products.
2008 Introduced ISO9001 quality management system.
2011 Launched a new brand of fixed-gear tools, RUNWELL.
The brand began to pursue the ideal quality of Made in Japan, reflecting the rich experience of a tool manufacturer.
2018 Began receiving orders from various countries after first shipping to London.
2020 Developed and commercialized a trail builder tool for Hakuba Iwatake.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Runwell brand, produced limited-edition T-shirts and tools. Held an anniversary giveaway for customers in various countries.

During the Tokyo Olympics, Runwell tools were used by several national team mechanics.

Became an official sponsor of Team Look Crit in France and Spellman in Ireland.

Began supporting Keirin racer Taketo Kikuchi as a uniform sponsor.


Began promoting Velobike, New Zealand product brand, as a Japanese distributor. Stems and handlebars approved by JKA for use in 250 races (PIST6).

Concluded an official sponsorship contract with the cycling club of Niigata Agro-Food University.