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Velobike 10Tooth Sprocket

Velobike 10Tooth Sprocket

11T sprocket

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Technological innovation in track cycling. A sprocket developed for cyclists who want to add a load to their training.

Because it is designed to challenge the operating limits of track bike chains, you may feel chain resistance and noise compared to general cogs. The design has been revised four times so far, and the tooth design and chain clearance have been improved to reduce noise and improve strength.

〇Number of teeth 11T

〇Screw standard 1.37x24TPI

〇 Chain width 1/8

〇Material 630 stainless steel

-Natural stainless steel finish

-Age hardening treatment for increased durability and chain efficiency

-Can be used without lock ring

-Designed to be highly compatible with IZUMI and HKK chains

-Specification to be used without lock ring

*When using a chain with a quick link, install it so that the removable plate of the chain is on the outside of the bicycle and the flat surface is on the inside to prevent the chain from slipping from the cog.

IZUMI Super Toughness
The plate nut faces the outside of the chain

IZUMI 410 Chain Connector
Plates and clips face outside the chain