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Drink Stirrer

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Length: 180mm

Material: 18-8 stainless steel

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A functional beauty of tools in your daily life. Knowing the origin of the cocktail screwdriver's name, as a tool manufacturer, we designed this lovely drink stirrer for tool lovers.

TOOSTIER is a stainless steel drink stirrer with a tool motif. Pursuing the realistic appearance of the tools, we knurled the screwdrivers' grips, chamfered the ring wrenches, applied glass bead blasting on the surface. The stirrers also play great role as glass markers at bars or garage parties.

Name origin of the screwdriver:
It is said that the cocktail screwdriver got its name from an anecdote that a coal miner once mixed vodka with orange juice and stirred it with a screwdriver. Enjoy our products that replays a scene from the story.