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TITAN15D / One life cycle collab

TITAN15D / One life cycle collab


15mm wrench

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Total length 125mm

Weight 52g

Material: Titanium alloy

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This is a pure titanium color that grows your love for titanium and satisfy your sense of ownership. Check out the collab one with One life cycling from London.

HATSUME15D is a 15mm wrench made by hot forging titanium alloy, which is also used in aircraft, rockets, and artificial bones. The shape is the same as DRIP15 , but its weight is about 60% of steel. Yet the material hardness is a hard metal that meets JIS standards.

The sound of forging titanium alloy with a die is different from that of iron; it produces a light clunking sound. You can feel its hardness just by hearing the sound. Therefore, after 1000 hits, the die wears out and needs to be re-polished. Drills, broach blades, and abrasive belts also wear out quickly, but the reason we still make titanium wrenches is because we ourselves are in love with the titanium. Titanium is a metal that is somehow fascinating, isn`t it.
The double name “One life cycle” is limited to 20 pieces! This collaboration commemorative logo was designed by Tamara from the team. In addition, for this commemorative collaboration project, we also have original T-shirts available. The T-shirt graphics are also designed by Tamara, so be sure to check them out. In addition, Tamara is a younger sister of Michelle from Team Look Crit. Well, I feel a sense of connection that Runwell becoming a tool sponsor for two teams that those sisters belong to.