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SAVER Stainless

SAVER Stainless


Multi Tool

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Size: 87×52mm

Weight: 46g

Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)

Load Capacity: 80kg

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A multi-tool co-produced with RESISTANT, a popular messenger bag brand.

As the name implies, SAVER is a multi-tool with our wish to be your help for the new days with the Covid-19.

It can be used as a carabiner, back hanger, door opener, multi-hook, and bottle opener. The hook part can also be used as a no-touch tool when pressing elevator buttons or touch panels, or when holding onto train straps.

Materials are made of 18-8 stainless steel (SUS304), which has excellent corrosion resistance, and finished in black with oxidation coloring "Sustain Color," which has a reputation in the medical industry. As the oxide film gets rubbed with other metal, it loses its color and turns to the original stainless steel color. Enjoy the antique appearance with color changes.

Click here for more information about SAVER: CAMPFIRE "CAMPFIRE「バッグ用のハンガー? NEW NORMAL時代の多機能ツール「SAVER」"