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Chain Tensioner Bolts Wrench

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Length: 140mm

Weight: 29g

Material: Stainless steel

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Work quickly in tight spaces near the chainstay. A straight type wrench made for mechanics working in busy race tracks.

REVOLEX34 is a straight shaped hex wrench that specialized for quick adjusting of chain tensioners' bolts. 3mm hex is for inbuilt frame tensioning screws, and 4mm for externally mounted tensioners. (Bolt sizes may vary by makers)


The REVOLEX34 features three key advantages:

  • It allows efficient work in tight spaces near the chainstay.
  • The I-shaped wrench is less likely to damage the stay compared to the L-shaped one.
  • It can be used with one hand.

Knurled ends for smooth and sturdy work, rubber O-ring to prevent rolling off, and a narrow groove on the 3mm wrench side for easy size recognition. Designed like a sharp drafting pencil, and engraved with Roman numerals inspired by a watch plate.