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Hex wrench

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Overall length 145mm / 165mm / 185mm

Weight 56g / 70g / 85g

Material Steel

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Experience the comfortable grip achieved by the slim metal handle, and the new torque transmission feeling by the X-handle. Adopts a ``flat type'' that can be used with confidence by everyone from amateurs to professionals, and the highest quality plating ``hard chrome.'' Enjoy the workability that is a little different from the standard L type and T type.



GENEX is a X handle hex wrench for tightening and loosening hexagonal bolts. The design focused on a sense of hold and torque transmission as the most important points. Available sizes are 4, 5, and 6 mm. The surface is plated with hard chrome, which is said to be the hardest of all electroplatings and has excellent abrasion resistance, for the best finish. The wrench size is engraved in large letters on both sides.


When working with a short bit, hold the X-handle and insert it straight into the hexagonal hole. Most hexagonal holes are stripped because the bit is not pushed all the way in and the torque is not transmitted perpendicular to the bolt when tightening or loosening. By placing your thumb on the top cap and inserting it straight all the way, tightening it using the principle of leverage makes it easier to feel the torque being transmitted with your hand, and also makes it easier to hold the wrench perpendicular to the bolt hole, allowing for stable work.

The main tasks with a long-shaft wrench are quick turning and provisional tightening. To make quick turning easier when your hands are oily and slippery, the tip of the wrench is knurled. The X-shaped handle is used to position the seat and other parts, and to provisionally tighten when attaching a chainring. To improve the feel of provisional tightening, one side of the short bit is rounded off, which also provides good skin sensation for the fingers.

The name "GENEX" contains the meaning of the next generation. The big challenge was to transform a simple tool made by bending a hexagonal bar into a tool that combines innovative design with practicality, functionality, and novelty, making it a favorite tool among professionals. To achieve this, we adopted the X-shaped handle, which we briefly explained above. There are sliding handles on the market, but they tend to slide when working, interrupting the work, so we adopted a fixed handle for GENEX in order to achieve the "ideal qualia" that Runwell aims for. There are other small points that we paid particular attention to, so please feel them when you use it :)

 *The top cap is removable. You can remove it and fix the hex bit with a set screw as well. Please use metal glue to fix the cap if you feel you need to.