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Chain Spanner & Flathead Screwdriver

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Length: 40mm

Weight: 51g

Material: Steel

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The world's first portable tool specialized for tightening tiny bolts and square flat plate nuts installed on NJS certified chain joints.

FIXER is a portable tool that works as a slotted screwdriver and pliers, making it easy to check a back plate nut looseness. Easy to carry, even when road practice or long rides.


Equipped a magnet to hold the plate nut removed from the chain. It is a small but powerful neodymium magnet, so it securely holds the nut and enables you to work without losing it.


It might be a good idea to attach small emergency items to the ring together, in case of any trouble.


Introduced in:

Bikerader: "Extraordinarily beautiful tools, waterproof bib shorts and gravel handlebars"

Pist Life Channel: "【ピスト】命に関わるチェーンの整備についてトッシーさんが物申す!"
BROTURES CHANNNEL: "自転車乗りは必見!日本が世界に誇る工具ブランド”RUNWELL"の紹介!"