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ELITE HUB NUT Black/Silver

ELITE HUB NUT Black/Silver


Hub Nuts

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Overall length: 12mm/Washer diameter: 20mm

Weight: M9: 13.2g / M10: 12.3g

Material: Steel

Sold as a pair

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Hub nuts with experience in Tokyo Olympics and World Championships; designed to perfectly interface with Runwell hub nut wrenches.

ELITE HUB NUT is a nut with a washer designed with three points in mind: screw thread, interface with our wrenches, and design. It achieved the lightest weight and has the largest number of threads among hub nuts. More threads increase the surface contact area, which means that it is less likely to be loosened.


Widely tapered head allows wrenches to fit smoothly. Its shape was also profiled to fit a variety of dropout types.

We have demonstrated and adopted the rust-resistant surface treatment after repeatedly conducting 24-hour salt spray test.

*Please maintain the product properly as it may rust if left outdoors or exposed to rain even if it has good corrosion resistance.