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15mm Wrench

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Length: 125mm

Weight: 95g

Material: Steel

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The world's smallest 15mm single wrench. Experienced many collaborations, this is now one of our iconic tools.

DRIP15 is pocket-sized and perfect for carrying. Convenient for removing and installing tires when carrying bicycles or in emergencies such as a flat tire while ride. 12-point profile was adopted to make surface contact with nuts and avoids damaging their edges.


It is a handy size that can be wrapped up in your hand. Its unique and sophisticated design is also popular as a gift.


It is short for portability, but like the AQUALIA15, the confortable handle shaped by hot forging enables you to apply torque enough to ride.


*Too much torque will damage the nut threads, making it easier for the nut to loosen.
*The force required to apply the proper torque with DRIP15 is:
20 to 25 kg for M9 front nuts
30 to 35kg for M10 rear nuts



Bikeradar: "Extraordinarily beautiful tools, waterproof bib shorts and gravel handlebars"

BROTURES CHANNEL: "ツール ×機能美”という …"