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15M8Bolt Black/Black

15M8Bolt Black/Black


Hexagonal bolt set of 2

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Total length 47mm / threaded section 30mm / pitch 1.25mm

Weight of a set: Front: 66g / Rear: 68g

Material: Steel

Sold as a pair

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This is a new type of hex bolt developed in response to market feedback such as "Always feel unsure of tightening head cap screw" , "When torque is applied, the screw hole is stripped!"

The 15M8Bolt is an M8 bolt with a 1.25 pitch, developed specifically for hubs that are secured with a socket bolt. The width of the hexagonal part is 15mm so as with the Elite Hub Nut, you may use a Runwell 15mm wrench. The washer is crimped and can be tighten without scratching the end.


Generally, the ones on the market are 5mm or 6mm hexagon socket bolts that are tightened with a hexagon wrench, but users have complained that "the torque is not enough and the wheel slips out of place" and "if I tighten it too much, the hexagon socket gets stripped." To solve these problems, we developed a bolt that can be tightened with a 15mm wrench.

*Please note that the front and rear wheels have different specifications. The diameter of the part that the fork end touchs is 9mm for the front and 10mm for the rear.

*There is a hook mark on the middle of threads that occurs during surface treatmment. This does not affect use.