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Chainring Gauge

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Length: 80×φ13

Weight: 28g

Material: Aluminum

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Maximize performances with the best chainline! The specialized gauge supports self-maintenance for ideal chainlines.

GAUGE42A is an aluminum gauge that allows chainline maintenance by measuring the distance from the seat tube to the chainring. With one line aligned on the center of the seat tube, if the center of the chain fits between the two lines at the edge, the proper distance, 42 ± 2 mm, can be judged well maintained.

The best feature of the GAUGE42A is the deeply machined profile for easy application. It keeps the gauge vertically on the tube, allowing for more accurate work. The three cutting lines for measurement are formed by NC lathe machining with 1/100th tolerance level.

Shaped from aluminum solid round bar material using an NC lathe, it is finished by slightly rounded off corners. The matte black color is achieved by glass bead shots and anodizing process on the surface. The compact design for easy carrying and you can also attach a strap through the hole.