Introduction of Sponsored Keirin Rider

Starting in February 2022, Runwell is sponsoring a Keirin racer for the first time.

Mr.Taketo Kikuchi

Birth day: June 7, 2000
Hometown:Nagano, Japan
Sports Career:Athletics, Speed Skating
Home Training Site:Matsumoto Misuzu Lake Cycling Track
Achieved Golden Cap, graduated early from Japanese Keirin School
Debut Date:January 19, 2020
Group: S1 ( May 25, 2022)

RUNWELL: We had the opportunity to make the NEZILE1015 as a graduation gift for a Keirin school, and it was just Mr. Kikuchi's 117th year of graduation. I remember you already had some Runwell products when we first met. Do you have any favorite tool?

Mr.Kikuchi: The one I use the most is the NEZILE 1015 that I got as a graduation gift from Keirin School. The wrench that can be used for both the chain tensioner and the hub nut is very useful because it allows me to quickly change cogs during practice, which also allows me time to rest. I don't need to carry as much tools as well. Yet when I go to a race, I do carry my VATTO15.

Various tools came out from Mr. Kikuchi's tool bag

RUNWELL: Oh! The hex wrench is WERA.

Mr.Kikuchi:I like WERA since it doesn't slip.

RUNWELL:We've been working on a hexagonal wrench to be used by riders, but it is still in the development process. I hope you will like it if it's completed. You're also using a 15mm combination wrench. We'd like to make that too, but haven't started working on it yet.

A series of amazement while listening to the shape and usability required for a combination wrench.

RUNWELL: I see. We'd like to take this opportunity to promote the development even faster. We're still in the planning stage so will incorporate your requests into the design.

Mr.Kikuchi's favorite 15mm wrench




RUNWELL: By the way, I watched the movie "Gachiboshi" on how the Keirin school was like. Was the training very hard? I heard that you couldn't even use your mobile phone, so you couldn't communicate with the outside.

Mr.Kikuchi: Gachiboshi has a slightly exaggerated story since it's a movie, but it was still very tough. I was able to use my phone once every two weeks when I went out, but there are some high school clubs that have a strict no-smartphone rule. From what I heard, it seems that the boat school was stricter though. I went to that school because I wanted to do Keirin, so it didn't matter if I couldn't use it for a bit; I was happy to be in such an environment where I could concentrate on practicing.

RUNWELL: I feel it's hard to concentrate when I have my phone too.

Mr.Kikuchi: Even after graduating, I still think that I have to keep it in mind. I do Twitter and Facebook, but I try to keep it to a minimum and focus on practice and competition. Recently, when I talk with seniors in Keirin and people in other sports, I think that I need to change my resolve and attitude toward the sport. Continuing in my current state will not produce any better results, and I feel that I did not push myself hard enough in practice.

RUNWELL: It's been a short time since we first met, but I thought you're young yet tough.

Mr.Kikuchi: I found that I was rather naive. If I don't push myself very hard, I would lose when it comes to a race, which means that even if I had a chance to compete in the G1, I don't think I could win.

RUNWELL: Now that you mentioned G1, can you tell us about any visions or goals you have for the future?

Mr.Kikuchi: My goal is to win the Young GP this year. I was not able to participate last year since I was an alternate, and this year is my last opportunity to compete there. I will do my best to get there.

RUNWELL: It's a big race at the end of the year. Do you think you can achieve your goals so far?

Mr.Kikuchi:I believe I can make it as a natural outcome, so I must continue to practice harder. Also, the Yahiko Tournament is special for me as a local racer, so I want to show my best performance there.

RUNWELL: I could really feel your passion. Having seen your strength and perspective, I am convinced that you'll continue to show us great performances in the future. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Can you give a message to your fans and to everyone reading this interview?

Mr.Kikuchi: I will do my best on every race! Thank you for your continuous support!

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