The best Runwell 15mm wrench fits your needs.

Runwell's poplar item "15mm wrench".
We have developed three types with different sizes: AQUALIA15 (170mm), DRIP15 (150mm), and VATTO15 (250mm).

The wrench suitable for your use will vary depending on your needs and preferences. We have asked our users about their actual experience and reasons why they chose the length. We hope this will be helpful for your best wrench selection.

Portable Wrench "DRIP15"

130mm long

What made you choose DRIP15, and how comfortable is it to use?

Mr. Hayato Seshimo / StudentI was attracted by the beautiful design, which has a sense of ownership, and the fact that it is not just a general-purpose tool but a dedicated fixed bike wrench. I also liked the friendly fact that it was made in my local city. I carry DRIP15 with my repair kit or wheel bag. It is short, but the handle is round and wide, so it doesn't hurt my hand, and I like being able to apply strong force to it.

A photo from when he won the sfiDARE Crit in GUNMA.

Favorite bike: Cinelli MASH Parallax 2017



"AQUALIA15" with Portability and Funtionarity

170mm long

What made you choose AQUALIA15, and how comfortable is it to use?

Mr. Suke / Office worker
I liked RUNWELL's tools and parts from the first time I saw them. Not only do they look good, but they fit perfectly in my hand. As for owning those things, I want to buy them from a manufacturer who is making good products. I use RUNWELL tools for all my bicycle parts, and even have all the accessories. It is not visible from the outside, but my fixed bikes are always maintained by RUNWELL tool and I enjoy my pist life on commute to work and on holidays.

Mr.Suke's masterpiece, Dosno.

Favorite bike: 2016 leader bike 735 gloss white
2018 Leader Bike 735 Matt Black
2021 Dosnoventa TOKYO




"VATTO15" Made from a Track Mechanic's Request.

Length 250mm

What made you choose VATTO15, and how comfortable is it to use?

Mr. Takehito Kikuchi / Keirin racer
I chose the VATTO15 because it can easily apply the necessary torque! Compared to conventional products that require very strong force for proper torque, VATTO15 allows me to apply sufficient torque just by tightening until it is stuck, providing me a safe and comfortable bike ride! I think I'll never be able to do without my VATTO15 as a daily use tool !

Kikuchi in race

Favorite bike: RINSEI LAB



Finally, we would like to introduce the 10mm and 15mm combination wrench "NEZIRE1015" , which is mainly made for Keirin and track riders. The twisted shape, formed by hot forging was designed to fit comfortably in your hand. This is a highly recommended product for those who use chain tentioners shown in the photo to experience the feeling of grip and use.

Length 180mm

15mm for hub nuts, and 10mm for chain tensioners.



We have introduced four types of RUNWELL 15mm wrenches. Did you find one that you like? Thank you to all the users who cooperated with us for this interview.

If you have any questions, requests, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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