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Portable Hex Wrench 3,4,5,6mm

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Length: 80mm

Weight: 30.5g

Material: Handle: Titanium alloy / Wrench: Chromoly steel

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Made of titanium alloy, a metal that attracts people and satisfy the sense of ownership.

TITANEX is a portable tool equipped with 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex wrenches on the handle that lasts a lifetime. The handle is made of high-hardness titanium alloy that is also used in airplanes and air shuttles. We are proud to say that it is the most luxurious and possessive tool in the portable wrench industry.

Titanium is light, rust-resistant, hard, and curiously fascinating material. To fully express its unique texture, the surface is finished with glass beads after machining.

If your hex bit wears out, you can purchase a replacement here.

*Be sure to fully insert the hex bit before applying torque. Bolts can be dameged if tightened in improper positions.
*If the bit becomes loose, use a 2.5mm hex wrench to tighten the set screw on top. It will be even better to use LOCTITE to the screw before tightening up.