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【Limited Edition】THE SKY IS THE LIMIT 15

【Limited Edition】THE SKY IS THE LIMIT 15


15mm Wrench

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Length: 125mm

Weight: 52g

Material: Titanium alloy

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Superior usability and portability, plus a luxurious quality to own. Now available in limited colors of 15mm Titanium Alloy Wrench!

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT 15 is a limited color model of the titanium alloy 15mm wrench HOGA15D. Hot forged from the highest quality material used for aircraft and rockets. While the hardness meets JIS standards, it is about 40% lighter than the steel model.

The unique blue color, remind us of the sky, is expressed by the refraction of light on the oxide coating of titanium, and it is different for each piece since it is all handcrafted. This oxide film will fade as it rubs against the hand with each use, and we hope the process of color transition can be enjoyed as well. If you want to check the color in advance, please contact us via DM on Instagram.

The proper torque is 20-25 kg for M9 nut (front) and 30-35 kg for M10 nut (rear). Please be careful not to overtighten. A force greater than the appropriate torque will damage the nut threads and make them easier to loosen.