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Hex Wrench 5x6mm

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Length: 170mm

Weight: 114g

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A hexagonal wrench equipped with 2 sizes (5 and 6 mm) for track bikes. Wavy shaped grip provides a comfortable handle.

TAKE56 is equipped with 5mm and 6mm hex wrenches to assemble major components of track bikes. Popular for its convenience, users can easily check and retighten bolts.


The NJS-certified track bike generally uses 6mm hex socket bolts for the stem and seat post, and 5mm for elsewhere.


You can use the corrugation of the handle as a guide to manage torque according to the grip position.

If your hex bit wears out, you can purchase a replacement bit here.


The handle of this wrench is thicker than a typical hex wrench, making it easier to apply torque. Please be careful not to damage the bolt threads with excessive torque